Anonymous Demands Resignation Of Bernanke

If a new video purportedly by cyber-group “Anonymous” is to be believed, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has become the focus of a pointed threat.

In the video, uploaded on Saturday, the anonymous group, self-described as loosely connected and Internet based, allegedly claims that the Federal Reserve is guilty of “crimes against humanity” and calls for the resignation of Ben Bernanke. In addition, the group would seem to demand the break up of the Federal Reserve and other major banking institutions.

In response to criticism of the Federal Reserve’s secrecy, Ben Bernanke this year gave the first-ever press conference by a Fed chairman. He plans to make the press a quarterly affair. The duties of the Federal Reserve include regulating bank and setting interest rates, among others.

This is not the only high-profile threat by the group — also threatening Bank of America and Sony — nor is it the first time the group has taken aim at Bernanke. The group first requested his resignation on March 12 of this year, in a similarly-designed video, according to Business Insider.

via ‘Anonymous’ Allegedly Demands Resignation Of Fed Chair Bernanke.

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