Hackers report taking down CIA website – Tech Talk – CBS News

The hactivist group that calls itself LulzSec claimed to have taken down the CIA’s website on Wednesday afternoon.

The claim of another cyber scalp, which the group tweeted, apparently marks another major website that has been taken offline by cyber protesters.

Preston Golson, a spokesman for the CIA, said the agency “was looking into these reports” but had no further comment.

Just who or what LulzSec is remains unclear. The still mysterious group began to make waves earlier this spring. CNET has reported that LulzSec is a spinoff from another hacktivist organization that calls itself Anonymous. But unlike Anonymous, the LulzSec hackers have not issued any political messages.

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The name of the group is a derivative of LOL (laugh out loud) combined with security. It has adopted as mascot a cartoon of a monacled man with a handlebar mustache, wearing a top hat and tie, who is holding a glass of wine.

via Hackers report taking down CIA website – Tech Talk – CBS News.

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