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Hole in White House Lawn

It is a huge hole in one of the world’s most famous gardens – but nobody knows what it is for.

Workmen have torn up an enormous section of the lawn in front of the White House for a mysterious, top secret project.

The hole by the West Wing is roughly 100ft by 100ft in size and has for the first time in living memory left the ground and pipes beneath the Oval office exposed to the elements.

Official explanations have ranged from an update of the air conditioning system to something ‘security’ related.But that has not stopped speculation that the President is installing something else entirely – from a swimming pool to a spa.

Others have guessed it could be an expansion of the presidential bunker, which was originally built in the time of Franklin D Roosevelt.What is known is that every day for the past 17 months workmen have come and gone with nobody revealing what the project it.The funds were allocated after 9/11 and apparently it will eventually link up with the Presidential Operations Centre.

via Huge hole in White House lawn sparks question is Obama putting in swimming pool? | Mail Online.

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