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FBI Busts Amish Beard Cutters

The FBI arrested seven Ohio men on federal hate crime charges in connection with a bizarre series of Amish hair-cutting attacks, the Associated Press reports.

The accused are members of a breakaway Amish group in eastern Ohio that has forcefully cut the beards and hair of several Amish men and women in recent months in a doctrinal dispute.

A spokesman for the U.S. attorney’s office in Cleveland says the men are expected to be arraigned today.

FBI agents and Jefferson County deputies swept into the Amish sect’s compound in the village of Bergholz, Ohio, around 6 a.m., the Pittsburgh Post-GazetteĀ reports.

Those arrested included Sam Mullet, 66, and three of his sons, Johnny, Lester and Daniel, as well as a nephew, Eli Miller, and a minister, Levi Miller. Also arrested was Emanuel Shrock, implicated in the most recent attack in October.

via 7 arrested on hate crime charges in Amish hair-cutting case.

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