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Robert De Niro to star as Bernie Madoff

HBO have bought the recently published book “Truth and Consequences: Life Inside the Madoff Family” which was written with the co-operation of Madoff’s son Andrew and other family members.

Both Andrew and his mother Ruth helped promote the book with rare TV appearances including an in-depth interview on “60 Minutes”.

De Niro, 68, will star as Madoff, the former Wall St financial expert who swindled investors out of an estimated $50bn with a Ponzi scheme.

Madoff was jailed for 150 years and has since been disowned by his family following the suicide of his eldest son Mark in December 2010 who could not live with the shame of the misery caused to thousands of investors.

The biography will act as source material for the film which is being produced by De Niro and his partner Jane Rosenthal from his company Tribeca Productions.

via Robert De Niro to star as Bernie Madoff – Telegraph.

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