Green Bay Packers Stock Sale

The Packers, the NFL’s only publicly owned team, announced details Thursday about their first stock sale in 14 years and fifth in team history. The money will help pay for $130 million in renovations at historic Lambeau Field in Green Bay.

Own just one share and technically you’re a team owner.

But be aware that Packers stock isn’t like regular stock. The value doesn’t go up, there are no dividends and it has virtually no resale value. Stockholders do get a certificate, plus voting rights, along with invitations to attend annual meetings where they can meet Packers executives, tour the Packers Hall of Fame and stick around for the kickoff of training camp.

Full details will be available Dec. 6 at

There are currently 112,205 shareholders who own 4.75 million shares. Another 250,000 shares will go on sale Tuesday, available by mail or at In either case, the shares cost $250 plus a handling charge.

The sale runs through Feb. 29, and could be extended. Stock can only be purchased by individuals, not businesses, and there’s a 200-share cap, a figure that includes any stock purchased during the last sale in 1997.

Newly purchased shares can be given as gifts. However, once ownership is established, a share can only be transferred within the immediate family.

Staughton Wade, 29, of Fort Wayne, Ind., says $250 is a reasonable price to pay for a Packers share. His favorite team is the winless Indianapolis Colts (0-11), and he said he welcomed a chance to buy into the league’s only undefeated team, the Packers (11-0).

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