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JP Morgan Stole from MF Global

We had a COMEX system failure in November.  COMEX was ready to default on gold and silver in November.  Rather than honor delivery demands in gold and silver- JP Morgan simply stole the money in the accounts that were going to stand for delivery.  They had their pockets picked while they were standing in line at the delivery window.  Notices of delivery were replaced at stolen accounts!

JP Morgan averted both a COMEX default and a European sovereign debt implosion, and notice that JP Morgan increased the amount of silver in their registered vaults by precisely the amount that was supposed to be delivered!

This is just another financial 9/11, and THERE WILL BE MORE.

If JP Morgan can steal 140,000 futures accounts, what’s to stop 250,000 MUTUAL FUND ACCOUNTS FROM BEING STOLEN!?!

The Fed was staring at 20 Lehmans in Europe!!  20 Lehmans almost happened, and the fed rushed in, lowered interest rates for banks.  If there is another big implosion and there is another string of contagion and big banks are dead in the morning, don’t expect there to be any money in the accounts in the morning.


Pension funds, mutual funds- they’re all at risk , and people I talk to HAVE NO CLUE.  Put your money in GOLD AND SILVER!

via SilverDoctors: Jim Willie: JP Morgan Crashed MF Global to Avert COMEX Failure, European Derivatives Implosion.

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