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Jury Awards $150 Billion

A jury in Texas has awarded $150 billion in damages to the family of a man who died 12 years after he was horrifically burned on his eighth birthday in what is reportedly the largest personal injury award in U.S. history.

Lawyer Craig Sico said his clients don’t expect to collect any of the $150 billion judgment. Instead, they hope it will help persuade prosecutors to seek charges against a man they say doused Robbie Middleton with gasoline and set him on fire.

Middleton survived his horrific injuries for 12 years before dying last year of a rare form of skin cancer, which attorneys argued was related to the extensive burns.

Sico and Middleton’s family said they now hope for a renewed investigation of Don Wilburn Collins, who Middleton accused of attacking him.

Collins never faced criminal charges in Middleton’s case, in part, prosecutors said, because of inconsistencies in the evidence and difficulty obtaining information from such a young victim.

via Jury awards record $150 billion payout – US news – Crime & courts – msnbc.com.

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