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Bronx Principal Sex with Copier

Elected officials and school staffers are calling for the removal of a foulmouthed Bronx principal who taunted female workers about having sex with a photocopier and a computer.

Principal John Chase Jr. of Bronxdale High School made a series of outrageous comments to female staffers last July when his school received a new photocopier and a new computer, according to a November report by the Education Department’s Office of Equal Opportunity.

“Have you seen the new copy machine? It does everything. It even has a hole in it where you can stick your d— in it and get a b— job,” Chase told two female staffers, according to investigators.

Officials punished Chase — who earns a yearly salary of $132,633 and has worked for the Education Department since 2006 — by placing a disciplinary letter in his personnel file and requiring him to undergo sensitivity training.

But for some school staffers and elected officials, those steps were not enough.

“The fact that he’s not being fired is insane,” said a staffer who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “People are very uncomfortable around this guy. He needs to go.”

via Bronx principal under fire for outrageous ‘sex machine’ comments about photocopier – NY Daily News.

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