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Kim Jong Un Wants to go to War

North Korea’s young leader vowed in 2009 to wage war if the country’s enemies shot down a rocket, footage aired on state television showed Sunday in the first official word of his role in military operations before his father’s death.The documentary is the second in a week seeking to highlight Kim Jong Un’s experience in leading North Korea’s 1.2 million-strong military and was aimed at showing that he was in charge of the armed forces long before his father, former leader Kim Jong Il, died of a heart attack last month.The son, who is in his late 20s, has moved swiftly into the role of “supreme leader” of the people , the ruling Workers’ Party and the military despite questions abroad about how easily he could assume power with only a few years of grooming behind him. He has pledged to uphold Kim Jong Il’s “military first” policy.

via Kim Jong Un vowed ‘real war’ if rocket was shot down – World news – Asia-Pacific – North Korea – msnbc.com.

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