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Child Sets Other Child on Fire

A Pasco County mother is upset after she heard what happened at her son’s school on Friday. Authorities said one student set a special education student on fire at Gulf Middle School in New Port Richey.

Michelle Craig said her son was visibly shaken about the incident. “He was upset. He was very upset. I could see it in his eyes,” she said.

According to New Port Richey police, the incident happened in a boy’s bathroom. The police report states one student “took a can of Old Spice body spray and lit the spray stream on fire.” He then “directed the fire stream at fellow student.” The victim’s pants briefly caught on fire and the hair on his arm was singed.

The school’s resource officer tells 10 News the victim was very scared and upset after the incident. Also, it doesn’t appear the two students involved had an ongoing issue. In fact, the student who lit the flames has a clear disciplinary record at the school. The SRO doesn’t believe it was a targeted attack, but more for “entertainment.”

via New Port Richey student set on fire | News | New Port Richey-Port Richey-Hudson News.

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