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Ron Paul US is a Fascist State

Ron Paul has warned the U.S. is ‘slipping into a fascist system’ dominated by government and businesses.
The Republican presidential candidate made the bold claim as he held a rally on Saturday – upstaging other nearby Republican Party banquets.
The Texas congressman drew thousands to Kansas City’s Union Station while the party’s establishment dined on steak across the street at the Missouri GOP’s annual conference.

Kansas Republicans were holding a similar convention in a suburb across the state line.Paul staged his rally near the nations World War I museum, asserting that the U.S. got off track about 100 years ago during the era of President Woodrow Wilson.Wilson led the nation through World War I and unsuccessfully advocated for the nations involvement in a forerunner of the United Nations.

via Ron Paul says U.S. is turning into a fascist state | Mail Online.

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