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Suicide Victim Undiscovered for 4 Years

A man’s body has been found in his home after it lay undiscovered there for four years following his suicide.
David Carter, who neighbours said was well-liked, told friends he was moving from his home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to New Mexico in 2007.
A real estate worker who went into his suburban home to repossess it last week – after bank officials finally realised he hadn’t paid the bill for four years – and found his remains.
He is believed to have shot himself with a handgun.

The employee of the Milwaukee County treasury office- who entered his home in the West Allis neighborhood in order to start the repossession process- found Mr Carter’s ‘nearly skeletonized’ remains on his stairway, a gunshot in his head, and a handgun on his chest.

No bill or income tax has been paid by Mr Carter since late 2007, so that is the approximate date-of-death that officials have given him, but there is no way to be exact.

via David Carter’s body lays undiscovered in his Milwaukee home for FOUR YEARS after suicide | Mail Online.

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