Google Glasses Ads May28


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Google Glasses Ads

When I saw Google had somehow forgotten to include any ads in their Project Glass promotional video I just couldn’t resist fixing that oversight for them.

So here is my slightly more realistic version of Google’s augmented reality glasses – now featuring contextual Google Ads!

Of course I’m exaggerating a bit here for visual effect to mimic the modern web browsing experience. Google will probably not be this obvious with their interface but there’s no question that the company will be gathering a massive amount of extremely personal data based on what you look at and for how long. The company may use this data mining to build even more detailed consumer profiles and/or sell ├╝ber targeted ads. Because let’s face it, Google is really just a massive advertising company at heart.

Fun Fact: All of the AdWords used are actual Google ad returns found via Google searches based on the dialog, situation or setting in the original video. Yes "Music, Stop!" does actually return an ad asking if you would like to listen to music.

Google really can’t be too annoyed at this remix because after all I’m just putting Google Ads overtop of a Google video on Google’s owned video hosting service.

See the original Google video:

via ADmented Reality – Google Glasses Remixed with Google Ads – YouTube.

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