Water Rechargeable Battery

When we were at CES The International Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas this year a Japanese Woman ran up to me, screaming “Battery Battery, WATER Battery you can even use PEE!! I was like this lady is nuts she must have lost her money in the slots at the Venetian, and then she pulled out the Water Rechargeable Batteries. I got the samples and I tested them they work and it’s amazing why we don’t use this technology now. Check it out, Use can charge the batteries with Urine, apple juice, even Blood! It will charge a flash light or a radio. Amazing. I am trying to get this over from Japan so we can all use it. Contact me if you have an investment interest. It’s environmentally friendly also! Water Rechargeable AA and AAA Batteries NoPoPo Japan test and review by Cliff Baldridge sbartstv

via Water Urine and Blood Rechargeable Battery From Japan CES – YouTube.

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