Completely Crazy Video Jun18


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Completely Crazy Video

Description from YouTube

Behold VICE’s new series Current Laments, the zombie-apocalypse-mashup equivalent of newscaster blather, sensationalized soundbites, and sleazebags who should know better. In more laymanish terms, Current Laments is the hammer that VICE is dropping on the whack-a-mole existence of the po-faced peddlers and pundits of the 24-hour news cycle. It is the mutant brainchild of one Nick denBoer, an animator, artist, and slightly deranged but still all-around good guy who is also responsible for NewsHit and the website-cum-night-terror known as Smearballs.

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via Jerry Sandusky + Call Me Maybe (News Remix): Current Laments ep. 1 – YouTube.

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