Game Of Thrones Theme with Squeaky Toys Jun02


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Game Of Thrones Theme with Squeaky Toys

From YouTube

My dog was biting on the toys shown in the video and by chance he ended up making a tune which sounded like the game of thrones music.That turned into this.. The audio is indeed recorded on these very toys…from my phone and then auto-tuned to sound like the way it does.

Special thanks to my dog ‘Simba’ for allowing me to use his toys for this video..

Those awaiting the Metal Gear Solid cover must know we are working hard to get it ready. Since youtube is our ‘fun’ thing and like a lot of people we cant dedicate all our time to making videos given the nature of our paying jobs.

That being said, this video is just for fun, no copyright nonsense intended.

you are welcome to use the Audio as your ringtone or in a video or whatever way you feel you may want to use it, just send credit back to this video.

Thanks :)

via Game Of Thrones Soundtrack – Squeaky Toys Edition – YouTube.

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