Tim Burton Tribute Jun06


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Tim Burton Tribute

Tim Burton – a filmography from Martin Woutisseth on Vimeo.

Description from Vimeo

This video was made for a contest organized by "La cinematheque francaise" and another video platform, if you appreciated our work, please rate for us on this link dailymotion.com/contest/Timburton/videos#video=xr7c1b

and just click on the " V vote" button on the upper left corner of the video, thanks a lot :-)

Designed and animated by Martin Woutisseth:

site: martinwoutisseth.com/

blog : finestblackdesign.blogspot.com

twitter: @mwoutisseth

(I am freelance, if you want to make great work together, please contact me)

Music composed by Romain Trouillet:

site: romain-trouillet.com/

blog: romaintrouillet.blogspot.fr/

Animation made with mixing each Burton movies. Typography, colors, patterns and symbols are re-interprating. The old and the young Burton are both still working on their main passion : the stop motion, the fantastic and the gothic culture. Visuals are created from original posters, or from movies’s scenes. If I couldn’t find the right attitude, I drew it.

One of the most big challenge was to stayed sober in the animation without to seems poorly animated. One week before to upload officially, motivated friends saw it and gave me feed back on weak points to improve it the best I could. Three months was necessary to made it. Most of the time was spent to find the perfect visual for each movies. The thing was to make the fans of each movies enjoyed their favorite one.

Behind the animation: final visual and different step of the poster on this link: martinwoutisseth.com/41280/531044/home/tim-burton-a-filmography

Quick Q.A:

Why Dark Shadow is not present ?

The contest limit was 5 min maximum, we couldn’t add one more visual.

Where is Frankenweenie and Vincent ?

There are present, will you find them ? ;-)

via Tim Burton – a filmography on Vimeo.

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