Fighting With Cameras Video Jul25


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Fighting With Cameras Video

Make sure to check out the behind the scenes video in the link below to my BTS Channel!


Guest appearnce by Freddiew and Brandon! Check out there awesome channel in the link below for the best special effects action youtube videos!

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Super special thanks to Pictureline for providing all the Canon DSLR cameras that we used as props, and that we used to film on as well!

Directed by Devin Graham

WWII Historian / Coordinator/Armorer/Costume/Weapons: Ray Meldrum

Produced by: Jacob Schwarz, Katie Crapo, Ray Meldrum, Adam Abel, Ryan Little, Devin Graham


Visual effects and Color Correction: Jacob Schwarz

Makeup: Ben Brooksby

Music: Stephen Anderson

Cinematographers: Devin Graham, Ryan Little, Jace Leroy, Chris McClain, Jacob Schwarz

Edited and Sound Design: Devin Graham

Behind the Scenes Video: Jared & Amanda Cook

Randy Beard Cast/Jeeps/Tanks/Weapons/Costumes

Cast/Motorcycle and side car/ Jeep: Loic Anthion

Cast/Jeeps: Greg Brubaker

Behind the Scenes photographer: Scott Jarvie

For the rest of the cast and crew, check out my blog post below:

via Camera Warfare – YouTube.

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