Team Fortress Engineer War Jul27


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Team Fortress Engineer War

Description from YouTube

Long time no see YouTube. As many of you may know Ive been pretty busy as of late. But after getting an infected foot I had a bit of free time. I had a plan to do this video since TF2 first came out but I wanted to wait for Source Filmmaker to go official. 130 hours in SFM and Hammer later, here it is. As my foot healed I was getting less and less time to work on it. So I got it to a point where i was happy and just got it done.The animation work i did is pretty janky, im still learning a lot of this.Most of it is kinect mo cap of myself and Zach. The results are pretty floaty and I barely touched it afterwards for clean up, mostly only the head and hands.————————————————————————–Id like to mention here seeing as there are some assumptions about my work. I am not an animator by profession. Nor do i clean up mo cap. So this is my first rushed attempt at both.————————————————————————–If you can rate it on the steam community page too id appreciate it.…The Song: figured id try these as some goals of stuff to release:75,000 views = Making of video showing mo cap data and custom maps/perspective tricks.,000 views = A load of still 1080p wallpaper renders.1,000,000 views = Ill make the destroyed 2fort set public. Bare in mind that outside of the viewable area on the video its just regular 2fort and isnt really playableI Still play TF2 quite a bit, always a demoman. Look for [BIO] Monkey-Junkie

via Practical Problems [SFM] – YouTube.

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