Wig From Own Hair Prank Jul06


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Wig From Own Hair Prank

From YouTube

Step 1: Cut off my long hair of three years

Step 2: hot glue it into a wig (yes, slightly serial killerish, but wait..)

Step 3: Wear that wig, my friends thinking it’s my hair

Step 4: Pull it off suddenly and presto, friend freakouts

(Disclaimer: I have no idea where this idea came from, the idea even freaked myself out, which is kinda why I had to do it. but DAMN it was fun!).



album ‘LP4′

by Ratatat


Machinarium soundtrack

by Floex


Bit Trip Runner soundtrack

By Gaijin Games

Shot on canon 600D

Using 18-55mm IS canon lens


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via Wig from my own hair prank – YouTube.

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